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Sizzling Bulalo

1st photo: Bone marrow *oh yes, it is*

The next two: The sizzling bulalo

These were taken at DCM2V, an old restaurant we go to everytime we crave for this. Memories from childhood always includes a pre-Media Noche meal at this dimly-lit restaurant, that in the recent years, added a videoke machine. I guess this move was to attract the local the bar crowd in the area. However, I never do seem to catch anyone that goes here to drink and get drunk. It would always be, just one song for any person who would try to use that machine and just a couple of drinks.

Over the years, I’ve observed the decline of this place, largely owing to SM Bacoor’s existence. There used to be a large crowd here, mostly consisting of groups of families. Now, there are rarely any. Sad, since this place offers good food. Every sizzling bulalo I’ve ever tried pales in comparison, in taste and in size to what DCM2V has.